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Academic Chatbot Services for Engineering Students Using Q-learning Algorithm

Minal Bitne, H. M. Jadhav, Shruti Joshi, Isha Kothari, Sanjot Bhagat


In today’s era interaction between machines and humans has changed. Due to which the use of chatbot system increased rapidly. An instance of such systems is the popular Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Cortana from Microsoft. Chatbot aims to improve a communication among both people and machines. The device has been embedded in understanding to perceive the sentences and making a decision itself to reply or to give response a question. We propose academic support services with chatbots. The proposed system consists of developing an expert system for the college inquiry desk using a chatbot, through Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning based Q-learning algorithm. The difference between the existing system and the proposed system is that the proposed system is based on experiential learning. This could considerably improve the communication between the chatbot and the user with a personalized system.

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