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Implementation of IoT-based AI-assistant for Home Automation

Cholke Dnyaneshwar Ramdas, Varode Shivani Sharad, Pawar Atharv Babasaheb, Pawar Siddharth Anil, Gite Shubham Narayan


Smart devices have been an essential part of our daily lives for a few years now. As a result, providing amenities and security is becoming increasingly crucial on smart gadgets. This article aims to build an Android mobile device compatible home automation system. The system and mobile devices can communicate with one another thanks to Wi-Fi. Recent research examines IoT-based smart home automation. The mobile application can be loaded and used on any compatible device to communicate with the system. Via a simple and appealing GUI application that is easy to use for the typical user, commands to turn on/off electrical equipment, such as lights, fans, and air conditioners, as well as set timers, may be sent quickly and easily from mobile devices.

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