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Spice Simulation Program for Linear Circuit Applications

Krishnapuram Kumar


Novel methods to directly obtain the Thevenin and Norton immittances for linear active/passive circuits is described. In this technique there is no need for defining the given circuit without independent sources to obtain Thevenin and Norton immittance. Two examples using Spice/Pspice description of circuits, (i) for DC linear circuit, (ii) AC equivalent circuit are given for determination of Thevenin/Norton circuit parameters. In another application, the transmission and inverse transmission parameters of two port linear networks have been determined using Probe (trace) command which is used in addition to Spice netlist using the conventional definition of parameters. The difficulty of having to do separately the division of two complex quantities to obtain the A, B, C, D and Inverse A, B, C, D parameters is removed by effective usage of Probe(trace) command of Pspice instead of the Print command. Two examples to determine these parameters are given for both the transmission and inverse transmission parameters. The spice commands and procedure would be useful to circuit designers using two ports.

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