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An Operation and Design of 3-Phase 3-Level T-Type Multilevel Inverter for Different PWM Techniques

Devkant Sharma, Anurag Mondal


The basic idea of a multilevel converter to accomplish higher power is to utilize a progression of intensity semiconductor switches with a few lower voltage dc sources to play out the power change by blending a staircase voltage waveform. Multilevel inverter has an ability to expand the yield voltage and execution with low exchanging misfortunes and aggregate symphonious mutilation as the level builds the consonant itself diminishes. This study proposed a 3-phase 3-level T-type inverter with various SPWM strategies having less number of devices which possess high and low power region as compared to conventional inverter. Generally, it is used for low power appliances having maximum efficiency. A 3-phase 3-level T-type inverter was implemented in the Simpower system tool MATLAB/SIMULINK with various SPWM strategies as PD, POD, APOD and its switching on/off pattern of IGBTs.

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