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Improvement of Efficiency of Electric Power Flow Through Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) Over Transmission Line

Rahul Kumar, Rakesh ., Arun Kumar Yadav


In this work, design of the robust unified power flow controller (UPFC) has been considered. The objective of this task is to improve the efficiency of power flow over the long transmission line. In this work, UPFC uses the fuzzy controller which is improving the efficiency of electric power flow. It is providing most essential flexibility to the power system operators in order to fulfill the demands which is inflict of the decontrolled power system. The objective of this paper is to develop a UPFC model that is used to simplified with Fuzzy controller and to design basic UPFC controllers.

Keywords: Power system stabilizer, real and reactive power, line reactance, rotor angle oscillation. STATCOM, UPFC, FACTS

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