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A Low-Carbon Economic-Load Dispatching Using PSO Technique

Priyanka Hooda, Joginder Singh


This paper presents the solution of economic-load dispatch problem with quadratic cost function by using particle swarm optimization (PSO). PSO technique is useful at solving optimization problems with both single- and multiple-objective functions with non-convex, discontinuous, noisy and non-differentiable solution. The results show that PSO has the ability of minimizing the cost of productions in power system operations. Carbon emission characteristics of all kinds of power units are analysed against the background of low-carbon economy. The dispatching unit contains a carbon capture power plant, a thermal unit and a wind power plant. The establishment of model takes fully into account of unity of economy and the environmental protection of dispatching model. The multi-objective model is solved with the PSO based on dynamic exchange and density distance. The carbon capture power plant can effectively reduce carbon emission and wind curtailment of wind power and increase the level of wind power acceptance.

Keywords: deregulation, economic load dispatch, particle swarm optimization, quadratic cost function

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