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Smart Dustbin Based on GSM for Smart Cities

Devendra Sharma, Charanjeet Singh


With the increase of population, the scenario of cleanliness with respect to garbage management is degrading tremendously. In city, there are many public places where we see that garbage bins or dustbins are placed but are overflowing. This creates unhygienic condition in the nearby surrounding. It also creates ugliness and some serious diseases, at the same time bad smell is also spread and it also degrades the valuation of that area. To avoid such situation, we come up with a project called “Smart Dustbin” which is Global System for Mobile (GSM)-based garbage and waste collection bins’ overflow indicator system for smart cities. The main motivation behind this project is the ongoing campaign Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Movement) launched on 2 October 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi, by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, which is India's largest ever-cleanliness drive to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country's 4041 statutory cities and towns

Keywords: Clean India movement, GSM, micro-controller 8051, sensors

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