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Distillation of Salt Water Using Solar Energy

Chetan Khemraj, Sushma Barahate


In our country, the problem of drinking water is becoming increasingly important, due to the population growth and rising living standards. Desalination of seawater and brackish water is now possible to meet the demand for potable water. Among the several methods, solar distillation is a smart solution for isolated and remote area. The main objective of the present work is the study of a plan solar still with greenhouse effect. Here, we have mainly focused on the determination of operating characteristics, production and other parameters. The performed work is purely experimental and is part within the framework of improving the profitability of a solar still with greenhouse effect. During the period of experimentation, several parameters have been mainly a series of measurements: solar radiation, the temperatures at different parts of the setup (internal pane of glass, internal air, and water in the tank...) and the daily production. The obtained results have allowed us to determine the external and internal parameters influence on the still yield.

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