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Fault Current Limiting by Using Series Transformer

Shweta Rodi, Pratiksha Raipurea, Pranali Mahajan, Prachi Jeevaned


In this study, we have built the series transformer-based solid-state Fault Current Limiter for distribution station. In the distribution line, overcurrent condition occurs very often which increases the chances of damaging the load. By using this system, we can detect the overcurrent. By using the measuring circuit of PZEM004 Current Sensor, overcurrent condition can be easily detected; and by taking it as a reference, the automatic current limiting process can proceed further with the help of series isolating transformer which gets continues triggering pulse from solid state device, i.e., IGBT which is connected in parallel with the transformer. By using this transformer, we can reduce overcurrent to appropriate current value which is required for our sensitive loads. In case if the limit current is also greater than the appropriate current (threshold limit) then in such condition, shut down of the load can be done with the help of relay. This system tends to improve power quality, speed of the current limiting process and gives smooth operation

Keywords: Atmega328, PZEM004T, microcontroller, series transformer

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