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Non-isolated Sextuple Output Hybrid Converter Configuration

Harshal D. Vaidya, Ruchita P. Dahad


This paper articulates the novel topology of non-isolated DC-DC converter derived from different basic configurations of single input, single output DC-DC converter suitable for renewable energy and high-voltage applications. Power circuit is incorporated with switched inductor circuit which acts as a voltage lift component. Therefore, it overpowers the parasitic effects of the circuit components. Conventional DC-DC converters like SEPIC, Cuk, Zeta, Boost, etc., are employed for renewable energy and industrial applications. However, they suffer from parasitic effects with reduced output voltage and limited low efficiency. Hence, these problems are overcome with the non-isolated DC-DC sextuple output converter topology for maximizing the output voltage generation. This converter is having single semiconductor switch without any isolation and able to supply high output with varying duty cycle. A simulation of converter capable of sextuple DC outputs from single DC input with varying duty ratio is presented.
Keywords: Sextuple output, non-isolated, single semiconductor switch

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