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Competitive Analysis for the Improvement of Power Factor using Zeta Converter and SEPIC Converter for BLDC Motor

Ashwini N. Jadhao, Ruchita P. Dahad


In this paper, we studied the competitive analysis for the improvement of power factor using zeta converter and SEPIC converter for BLDC motor by reducing the configuration of sensor. For the low power factor application, here we can control the speed of motor by varying the voltage of inverter by giving the feedback of BLDC motor drive. A low frequency is used for electromagnetic communication of the motor which reduce the switching losses. In this paper, zeta converter is used to operate it in inductor current mode. In this paper, our proposed method is used to design to operate in wide range of the speed control with the power quality improvement at AC main. Here we can compare the result of zeta converter and sepic converter for the improvement of power factor for BLDC motor.

Keywords: Zeta converter, voltage source inverter, PFC-based BLDC motor, sepic converter

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