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Design and Implementation of Bottle Filling Automation System for Food Processing Industries using PLC

Komal Manhas, Meenakshi Dogra, Rajinder Tiwari, Jamini Sharma


The prime target behind this work is to build an automated bottle filling conveyor handing system using PLC (MITSUBISHI) or programmable logic controller. The purpose is to automate the working of a conveyor system. The working of conveyor system includes two main tasks to be accomplished. The primary job is starting and stopping of the conveyor using motor. The secondary task is to fill the bottles in a particular time period (in seconds) so as to attain same quantity of liquid in all bottles. The world full of technologies demands high rate of production, especially in industries where automation is required. A PLC is known well for real time applications, therefore used to control various devices and PLC is the device that has tendency to operate with multiple inputs and outputs as well as operates in extreme environmental conditions. Thus, the main hardware part used is PLC. This system is controlled by ladder programming (software part) consists of simulation and implementation of program using GX Work 3 which will control and automate the conveyor system. The hardware parts used for this system are PLC (MITSUBISHI), sensors (photoelectric sensor), control valve (2/2 solenoid valve), motor (12V) and some connectors. The entire work is to be done to obtain results on the agreement of parameters set in program as well as hardware of the system. The material of conveyor belt used is PVC as it is highly durable, water resistant and affordable. The main purpose is to develop automated conveyor system with low cost, minimum maintenance, more efficient and friendly system for users.

Keywords: PLC, human intervention, automation system, control system, ladder logic, photovoltaic sensors, solenoid valve, PVC, GXWork3

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