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Design and Modelling of Solar Energy System for Rural Areas

Ternder Matthew TYO, Osahon Emmanuel Uwuigbe, Abel Ehimen Airoboman


In this study, energy audit and assessment of Ovbiogie community, a remote settlement located at Ovia North-East Local Government Area, Benin City, Edo State was carried out. The objective of the paper is to determine the energy consumption within the community at various clusters of energy and power demand levels. In order to achieve the objective, experimental analysis using solar Photovoltaic PV systems was carried out in the community and consequently, the energy demand of selected clusters was obtained and the obtained values account was used as the data for the study. The obtained data was then transported to the MATLAB 2015a environment, simulations were carried out using MATLAB codes written in m-file environment to analyse the data and the obtained results were interpreted graphically. Results obtained shows that energy demand of 559.0893 kWh/day, 247.1 kWh/day and 50.4 kWh/day were obtained for clusters C, B and A respectively. The paper therefore could serve as a working guide for energy experts around the world and also to the concerned authority for the purpose of expansion and creation of micro-grids in Nigeria.

Keywords: Modelling, solar energy, rural areas, ovbiogie community

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