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Image Processing Based Robot Control

Deepak Kumar, Azram Ansari


We all know that object detection is a well-researched technology and is related to computer vision and image processing deals with detecting instances of semantic objects. It has got some real-world applications such as smart-home automation, etc. Detection of a particular object by the computer’s camera is an important aspect. Recent image-controlled robots operate with humans next to them. Whereas, our project deals with interface of robots through image-controlled technique, but far away from the user. In this project, we have proposed a method by which a particular coloured object is detected by the computer, and according to the movement of the object, a robot, which is being interfaced with the computer using a wired medium is also moved. The Arduino-controlled robot is interfaced with the computer which acts as a slave. The object movement is the determining factor of the movement of the robot. The experimental results and analysis shown illustrate the performance of the proposed methodology in real time.

Keywords: buffer, interface, recognition, robot

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