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IoT Based Solar Powered System for Smart Field Irrigation with Real Time Surveillance for Smart Agriculture in Bangladesh

Rashed Khan Manon, Mst. Masuma Khanam, Jakariya Ahmed, Md. Emteaj Ahmed, Nafiz Ahmed Chisty


Agriculture is the essential source of livelihood for people in Bangladesh. It plays major part in economy of the nation. In Bangladesh about 75% of population depends upon agriculture and one third of the country’s income comes from agriculture. Issues concerning agriculture have been continuously ruining the improvement of the nation. But at present due to movement of individuals from countryside to urban there is obstacle in agriculture. On the other hand, the conventional methods need manual intervention. So, farmers need to go to field to monitor the field which is time consuming. If famers can save the monitoring time, then they would be able to invest the time in other works and can earn more. The only solution is smart agriculture to overcome the issues by modernizing the traditional method of agriculture. Subsequently the paper aims at making agriculture smart utilizing computerization and IoT based technologies. The highlighting structures of this project includes smart IoT based solar powered system to perform tasks, soil moisture sensing, water level sensing, temperature sensing, humidity sensing, surveillance camera, birds and enemies scaring etc. Besides, it incorporates smart irrigation with smart control and cleverly decision making based on precise real-time field information. Monitoring of all these operations will be through mobile application or computer connected to internet and the system will be performed by interfacing sensors, camera and Wi-Fi module with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

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