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Efficient Energy based Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Pooja Jain, Dr. Karuna Markam, Prof. Rakesh Naik


Wireless sensor network comprises of the huge number of sensing nodes for capturing conditions of environment, and after processing, it send it to the sink node. For the energy consumption, these nodes are sensitive and on working they get exhausted. Thus, to exceed the lifetime of the node certain methods are used and more emphasis is given to those methods. To enhance the scalability of the network and also the stability, various types of protocols have been proposed so far. An effective mode of minimizing this energy consumption is to use a method of clustering and limiting the transmitted messages between nodes and the sink node. Here in this study, a reading of these type of protocols has been introduced. It has immense potential for the future development and research. Its usage will prove to be revolutionary for our economy and life in the medical areas, environmental conditions and for monitoring military system.

Keywords: fuzzy logic, low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy, wireless sensor network

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