International Journal of Power Electronics Controllers and Converters

Journal published peer-reviewed articles on research and development both experimental and theoretical. Journal covers a wide range of topics including DC to DC convertor, voltage converter and regulator. The aim of the journal is to maintain a fluent flow of information from researchers to readers who are tracking their work and create a new trend of research publication in the scientific community.


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Vol 5, No 1 (2019)

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Table of Contents


Design and Implementation of Bottle Filling Automation System for Food Processing Industries using PLC PDF
Komal Manhas, Meenakshi Dogra, Rajinder Tiwari, Jamini Sharma 1-9
Fault Current Limiting by Using Series Transformer PDF
Shweta Rodi, Pratiksha Raipurea, Pranali Mahajan, Prachi Jeevaned 10-18
Non-isolated Sextuple Output Hybrid Converter Configuration PDF
Harshal D. Vaidya, Ruchita P. Dahad 19-27
Competitive Analysis for the Improvement of Power Factor using Zeta Converter and SEPIC Converter for BLDC Motor PDF
Ashwini N. Jadhao, Ruchita P. Dahad 28-35
Improvement of Efficiency of Electric Power Flow Through Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) Over Transmission Line PDF
Rahul Kumar, Rakesh ., Arun Kumar Yadav 36-43

ISSN: 2456-1614